Integral Impact Investment

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This book is essentially a journey of the self and our relationship to capital. This is one of the most important relationships we develop throughout our lifetimes, and one that influences and shapes all our other relationships. Impact investments as a reflection of this relationship needs to also be managed within a framework that deepens and enhances our search and need for real meaning. The aim of this book is to provide a deeper insight to these dynamics so we can shape true calling for Impact and fulfil our purpose and contribution in life.

This book seeks to provide the reader with an architectural blueprint on which to design and build their own unique approach to Impact investments within their own specific contexts. We don’t seek to provide that many “Why’s” of Impact but rather help build a road-map in which to explore the Impact territory so over time, our “Why” becomes ever bigger and possibly even trans-formative for the self and for others.


Pen & Paper
Pen & Paper

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