Nature Power in Nigeria

A theory of interconnectedness of knowledge and action


Communitalism Specifically, Communitalism is a theory of interconnectedness of knowledge and action. It states that knowledge is only complete and liberating when it is a combination of PAX NATURA, PAX SPIRITUS, PAX SCIENTIA AND PAX ECONOMIA.

When there is an improvement in the material well-being of the community, the health of the members of the community will also improve. This is the essence of community medicine and Communitalism.

  Unlike bio health, which tends to focus on disease and neglect the root cause of diseases such as:
  • financial inequality
  • unjust wages
  • unfair working conditions
  • dysfunctional literacy etc

Community medicine adopts an integral approach to health and well-being. Altogether, and integrally as such, thereby embracing worldviews, or realities, from all four corners of the globe.

Nature Equilibrium

The term Communitalism is different from communalism or indeed communism. Communitalism affirms that some aspects of capitalism, such is individual inventiveness, are worth pursuing and supporting, but such inventiveness must be put at the service of the community, so that both the individual and the community prosper. The key philosophy of Communitalism is ‘we are either happy together as a prosperous community or unhappy together’ and thereby unprosperous. For Communitalism, the health and prosperity of the individual cannot be separated from the health and prosperity of the local community. Global health must start from local health, not the other way round. In the process the link between individual, community and enterprise health and whole-making, integrally so to speak, will be made.